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York-GE offers innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions to its customers worldwide.
York-GE has a well experienced

team of professionals and engineers who have hold prominent position in field of project financing and development of energy projects globally. Our vision is to support economies through innovative, efficient and sustainable solutions.

York-GE is a company represented by a team of professionals and its global partners. With more than three decades of experience and active presence in the international market, we have offered a wide range of products and services in energy sectors and project financing globally.

Delivering turnkey solutions and execute optimal financing structures.
Our team of experts helps energy companies, mining companies and public private partnerships in entire life cycle of a project from planning to delivering turnkey solutions and execute optimal financing structures. One of the key features of our company is manufacturing, procurement and sales of unique Mobile York GE Gasifier Power Plant, which not only eliminates residential, industrial, commercial and hazardous waste but also produces green energy well below the stringent EU WID emission limits. Our state of the art technology and unique design makes it a mobile solution, which can be fitted in a 40 feet container and transported to different places and reassembled in less than 10 days.

Our Services
We offer wide range of services in energy sector, mining and project financing. Through our broad network we offer financing and turnkey solutions under one widow facility.
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